Special Guest Writer: Sophie Keye, Australian singer-songwriter

TRINKETS charts a 10-year journey in and out of the darkest period of Sophie Keye’s life, not only due to a severe episode of mental illness but also a painful time of questioning her faith. She wants this album to be a comfort to those experiencing doubt or suffering and encouragement that no matter how dark your mind or circumstances may be, there is healing and life on the other side. Sophie also hopes her songs may be used to start important conversations about faith and mental illness, especially in the church.

Sophie has delighted in collaborating with a vast array of musicians, artists, dancers, sign language interpreters, and the Budapest Scoring Orchestra in order to create this album and its release. It has been a labour of love for almost the past decade and is sure to uplift, challenge, and surprise you.

“I chose the album title TRINKETS as it reflects my journey of sifting through suffering, disillusion, doubt, and ultimately finding gold - a stronger relationship with Jesus and growth as a person. As you listen to this album, my prayer is that you may catch a glimpse of the beauty, love, and hope I’ve found in Him as well.”

Sophie Keye is an Australian singer-songwriter and inspirational music artist based in Ecuador with a passion to create music that brings hope and starts conversations about the big questions of life. She is currently dedicating her time to learning Spanish and releasing songs from her upcoming, debut album TRINKETS.

TRINKETS is available 24 September 2021




Instagram: @sophiekeyemusic


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