'The Heart has Many Rooms' by Jeanie Wood

'Just before Easter, around forty years ago, I had such a vivid dream I hardly wanted to wake. Despite having four young children, and a crazy family Easter, I spent every spare minute over the weekend writing it out in longhand on huge sheets of recycled A3 computer paper. For many years the manuscript sat in a filing cabinet untouched. It was finally resurrected and reworked and here it is – literal proof that it is never too late.' - Jeanie Wood

It is 1975 and Elizabeth is about to step out into the brand-new world of Interior Decorating. Childhood experiences have made it difficult for her to trust men, but when Martin strides into her life, she falls heavily and feels briefly secure. But the path is never straight, and, as she travels on, she will find trust and love in unexpected places. Her journey will take her from Sydney, over the mountains to the Western Plains, and eventually back to the fast-developing Campbelltown area. It will lead through other people's homes and stories and lives, and eventually back to her first love. Ultimately, it will inspire her to invite God's love to fill the rooms of her heart.

The Heart has Many Rooms is available now!

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