Shelter in the Storm

The storm started with the faint rumblings of thunder. Then, as I drove with my son, silver lightning cracked the darkening sky to the west. I almost went out to the highway, but felt the Holy Spirit warn me. Go left instead.

I turned left with the intention to head back home. With my toddler asleep, I was ready to do some work in the front seat of the car (sometimes the only way things get done). But those deep grey clouds seemed to be drawing closer. So instead, I chased blue sky and prayed.

We have established the habit of praying before we leave the house but, as I drove, I felt the need for more protection. More assurance. So I drove and prayed, meanwhile worship music blasted in my earpiece.

Lightning lit the sky and I knew I had to find shelter for us and the car. Clouds continued to amass overhead as "Throne Room" by Kim Walker-Smith came on. I gazed at the brewing sky in awe as this worship song led me to a place of complete reverence.

I prayed that the Lord would keep the storm at bay until we reached somewhere undercover. Since our home only had an open driveway, I headed to my parents' house then reversed up their driveway so I could watch the storm unfold.

It was only a mere drizzle as I reversed up the drive, that was until the bonnet of the car was safely under the carport. The moment - and I do mean the very second we were in safety - the downpour began.

Then, a little while later, hail the size of golf balls.

A lot of damage eventuated from that storm. Our second car may be a write-off with all the hail damage and our sky light shattered and hail and rain came into our kitchen.

But, even so, my heart just swelled with gratitude.

For, if the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, then the way to a mother's heart is through her children. And in this storm, I witnessed the Lord take care of my son, and myself, firsthand.

It was a beautiful reminder that prayers do not go unheard and that God is there in every storm that comes our way.

'When you abide under the shadow of Shaddai, you are hidden in the strength of God Most High. He’s the hope that holds me and the stronghold to shelter me, the only God for me, and my great confidence.'

PSALM 91:1-2 TPT

Elizabeth is a writer and the founder of Daughters of Love and Light. She has a Graduate Diploma in Creative Writing and is studying a Master of Divinity. She has released a fantasy trilogy, two novellas (including The Battle for Harenburg Hill), a book of poetry, and most recently the standalone novel, The Watson Women (Elizabeth Calder, D.O.L.L. 2021). Elizabeth lives in South Australia with her husband and young son and is currently working on a novel set during the Reformation (a period she finds fascinating) as well as her first non-fiction work Hope Rises - Honest Stories to Honour Our Babies in Heaven & Bring Healing to Those Left Behind.

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