Daughters of Love & Light is  ministry hub for women and an independent publisher of Christian women's literature. We believe in Christ-centred community, creativity, and calling. 


Our journey began with a small writers' group for young women in the school holidays. Daughters of Love & Light then grew into a publishing imprint under Elephant House Press. It was the founder's passion project. Until, it became something more... 

From a dining table in Adelaide - filled with choc-chip cookies, hot chocolate, and the journals and dreams of young girls - to the wider online community, Daughters of Love and Light remains unchanged... 

We are here to support women of every age. 

Now, Daughters of Love and Light is an independent publisher of Christian women's literature, a facilitator of creative activities including our Wellspring Retreat, and an online presence to remind our community why we are here... 

We - all of us - are here on this planet to give glory to God. 

So we pray that this community will support you in doing just that. In finding your calling. In growing your creativity. In building a community that points the world to Jesus. 


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